Fred Segal Fashion’s Icon Dies, Death Reason, Person, Wiki, Wife, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

On this Saturday morning, a piece of really shocking news come to hear that famous Celebrity designer and Fashion icon Fred Segal dies at the age of 87. He is famous for launching new designs in Los Angeles for famous celebrity personalities. In the list of Fred clients, many big personalities like The Beatles, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, and Angelina Jolie included. Stay tuned with the article to know more about Fred Segal Death reason, Wiki, Net Worth, Person, Family, Wife, Age, etc.

Name: Fred Segal
Age: 87
Net Worth: $15 Million
Wife: Tina
Death reason complications from a stroke

Fred Segal Death Reason

It’s been really sad to know the news of Fred Segal. But nobody can do anything in it. As per the sources, The Death reason of Fred Segal is complications from a stroke at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. all this happen on Thursday and this is announced by a publicist. 

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His daughter Annie Segal Said “doctors warned us there was a slim chance of survival, so we were prepared for the worst. It’s a miracle that he’s not only alive but living well under the circumstances.” And finally, on Thursday, Fred Segal dies. 

Fred Segal Fashion's Icon Dies, Death Reason, Person, Wiki, Wife, Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Fred Segal Earlier Life

For more than 60 years, Fred Segal was a fashion designer in Los Angeles. as per a statement “In 1961, Fred Segal created a retail scene that defined Los Angeles fashion and sparked a revolutionary shift in style that has transcended the last six decades. Fred Segal pioneered the shop-in-shop concept and experiential retail, resulting in a brand built on heritage, inclusivity, and love that changed the face of retail forever,” 

Segal once said “when I was selling in my store to my customers and they came in wanting to buy this or that if they put an outfit on and they asked me for my advice, part of the time I’d say, ‘Take that off, don’t even buy that, that would be ridiculous, you don’t even look good in that.’ That’s really deep honesty. You don’t find that in business, you know?” this thinking makes him a great designer and deserving of what they have. 


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