Foeproductionsss Instagram Aka Brain Coulter Charged For Killing 8 Year Old, Wiki, Age, Arrested

One of the most viral news these days on the internet, where is shocking news comes out. A man whose name is Foeproductionsss, he is also recognized as Brian Coulter, from Texas recently has been charged with the murder of eight years old child of his girlfriend. After hearing this news many people are shocked and they started to search on the Internet about him and this murder case. People are really shocked to know news where we will let you know more related to this matter.

Foeproductionsss Instagram Aka Brain Coulter

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Foeproductionsss Arrested

Foeproductionsss has been arrested now been talk of the town after he killed his girlfriend eight years old child. His girlfriend’s name is Gloria, she has been also charged with evidence and injury to a child by omission. As per the report, she has three children their ages are 15, 10, and 7 they are living themselves. Her 15 years old child called the police and told them about the incident. His siblings are living alone in an apartment with the body of their brother who had been dead for almost 1 year.

Foeproductionsss wiki

It has broken lots of Hearts as it is one of the hilarious news on the Internet these days. His Instagram account is Foeproductionsss often he is active on his Instagram account and share please photos and videos. Recently he has posted some disturbing pictures while abusing his girlfriend’s children on Instagram that’s why he has become the headline of the news.

Brian has been arrested on Tuesday by the Harris Country police and charged with the murder of Kendrick Lee. He abused his girlfriend’s child to the death in November 2020 now this case has been raised and has gone viral on the internet. The boy was physically abused later he died girlfriend Gloria knew about the murder in November 2020 but she did not reveal but now police have released all the information.

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