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Sad news has come that the Former Vice President of the Republic Felipe Alejandro Virzi López has passed away on Thursday, February 3. The sad news has shocked all of his follower who was diehard fans of him and his work for the public. Further in this article, you will read about Felipe Alejandro Virzi López death reason, wiki, bio, age, family, wife, and how he passed away.

Death Reason  

Sadly right now not much information has been found about him. May on people on social media post tweets. Many people speculate that he passed away due to his age and common health problems but it is better to wait for an official statement right now. Our findings suggest that he passed away on February 3, 2022, no further details have been found.  

Felipe Alejandro Virzi López Wiki

Felipe Alejandro Virzi López was Former Vice President of Republic. As mentioned above he died on February 3, 2022.

Previous Vice President of the Republic Felipe Alejandro Virzi López kicked the bucket on Thursday, February 3, as per sources counseled by the media. “Pipo” Virzi, filled in as second VP during the organization of previous President of the Republic, Ernesto Pérez Baradares (1994-1999).

As VP, Felipe Verzi was defeated by drug dealer José Castellón Henao, who got a gift of 51,000 balboas for Pérez Baradares’ mission, however, was terminated. He was additionally crushed by previous Quintana Roo Governor Mario Villanueva, with whom he has had a business relationship beginning around 1994.

During his experience as Vice President, he worked with Gabriel Btesh on land issues and they rented land during the public authority of Ricardo Martinelli. It was a time of illegal tax avoidance by Virzi that terminated in 2012 for Martinelli’s 37 million balboa water system project in Tonosí, Los Santos region, which was rarely assembled. For this, he was set in preventive confinement in 2015 and later profited from house capture.

In 2017, he lapsed with a supposed exchange of assets from the Caxa d’Aforros against the Financial Pacific financier house. [4] He was preventively kept on August 17, however, on August 23 he was moved to the El Relacer jail where he stayed restricted.

Net Worth

Right now their estimated net worth of his is around 200K USD. Still, it is just an estimation and no details have been found about the actual worth of Felipe ‘Pipo’ Virzi. Other websites may show fake worth which should not be trusted. 

Kids & Wife

Sadly his wife and kids are unknown at the moment. More details about him will be discovered soon. 

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