Fantasy Call Hotspot ULLU Web Series [2021] Wiki, Cast, Storyline, Release Date & More

Ullu is about to release its new hotspot web series named Fantasy Call. The series is about a young college guy who takes a phone romance service. The entire story of Fantasy call is realistic and is happened in India on a major scale. This kind of fraud and illegal prostitution service has a major impact on the youth. If you have gone through this kind of service then you must be highly interested in watching this web series. 

Fantasy Call ULLU Web Series Wiki

On November 25 ullu posted the trailer of Fantasy Call on youtube which in just half a day got 35 thousand views with thousands of likes and comments. Many criticized the fact that their other series have identical stories and female actresses. As always the count of fans who appreciate this kind of series is high.  

Fantasy Call ULLU Web Series



The story starts with a youngster who pays a service to have romantic conversations with different girls. He pays around 10 thousand in total and in the end, he convinces the girl on the call to meet in a hotel. Happily when he enters the room an unknown man with a knife appears with the girl. At that moment he feels unsafe and what happens further will be revealed in the entire episode.


Currently, the cast of Fantasy Call Hotspot ULLU Web Series is now known at the moment. The entire story has 5 main characters. All the names of the actors will be updated soon.

Fantasy Call Web Series

How to Watch  

To watch the new Fantasy Call ullu web series you have to download the official app of the ullu and buy their monthly subscription. 

Release date

If you are unaware of the release date of the upcoming ullu website then you will be able to watch it on Nov 25, 2021 through ullu app.

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