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Eric Rohan Justin is an 18-year-old boy who has been killed by the father of the famous TikToker Ava Majury. According to our findings, Eric Rohan Justin was stalking Ava as a result Her ex-police father shot and killed the stalker. In case you are looking for more details about this then consider reading more information given in this article. 

Eric Rohan Justin Wiki

Eric Rohan Justin was just 18 years old at the time of his death. Ava’s father shot eric to death for stalking her daughter. His father’s name is Justin Dominic and his mother’s name is not known at the moment but she is Indian by nationality and right now both of them are divorced. 

Tiktok Star Ava with her father
Tiktok Star Ava with her father

Net Worth

Right now no data has been found about her net worth and according to our findings, he is still unknown to most of the people and media on the internet. more details will be updated soon.


his education is not known but it is highly possible that the boy was in high school or he was graduated from it.

Girlfriend and Family

right now the whole case is too much complicated and more details are about to come. New York Times has published information about the case in which it has been clear that Eric Rohan Justin was stalking and evading the TikToker Ava Majury l’s privacy.

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