Donald Trump Paints Memes & Jokes Collection, Did he wear the paints backward in NC Speech

Formal President Donald Trump has become the subject of hilarious jokes and memes on Twitter after wearing his pants backwards during his address to the NC speech. Donald comes to give the speech at North Carolina Republican Party state conference on Saturday night. But instead of his speech, his pants stole the eyeballs of the viewers.

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What happened to Donald trump’s paints?

Some viewers accused him of wearing his pants backward during his address at the North Carolina Republican Party state conference. Trump was embellished in a pair of navy blue suits and pants and wore a white shirt and red tie underneath. However, his pants catch the whole show and it looks so tight and that makes his paints bizarrely funny.

On Twitter, peoples started to make jokes and memes on his paints. The discussions immediately descended into a slurry of memes, as many found Trump’s pants funny-looking.

The hashtag #TrumpPants trended on the platform for most of Sunday as thousands of users shared memes and jokes mocking his pants.

Donald Trump Paints Memes

Trump is always a part of some kind of controversy and media attention. This time his paints stole the show and grab the attention of many.

Here are some of the memes and jokes that make you so much laugh.

“Why can’t he dress? #Trumppants @FUPA,” tweeted writer and former radio personality Tara Dublin, alongside two side-by-side photos of the ex-president.

User @sirDukeDevin tweeted, “It looks like he has a My Pillow stuffed into the front of his pants.”

Oscar and Grammy-nominated composer Shawn Patterson tweeted, “This is one of the most ill-fit, sloppy and clearly untailored suits I’ve ever seen on an adult. And he claims to be a ‘billionaire’!? It’s shocking and that’s without even dissecting his obvious speech struggles.”

“I was today old when I found out what ‘FUPA’ is, thanks to #Trumppants… and now I’m emotionally scarred. So thanks for that, Twitter,” tweeted MSNBC host Joy Reid.

History teacher Sari Beth Rosenberg tweeted, “Former Blogger Living in Mar-A-Lago Starter Pack #Trumppants.”

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