Dil Ke Armaan Jaghanya Ullu Web Series, Cast, Story, Release Date and more

A new web series has been launched by ULLU which is named Dil Ke Armaan Jaghanya. ULLU fans have now something to watch online with a hot cup of coffee. With each release, fans are clearly seeing how the production and video quality is improving. Read the post further to know more about the latest Dil Ke Armaan Jaghanya Ullu Web Series.

Dil Ke Armaan Jaghanya

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Dil Ke Armaan Jaghanya is an romantic thriller webseris from ullu. The upcoming episode will be available on the ullu app through you can watch it any time. The latest trailer which was published on the ULLU youtube channel revealed a shot story. At the time of writing this post, the video got more than 327,517 views with 7.2K links.

Dil Ke Armaan Jaghanya

The description of the video reads “The dreams of a naive girl are shattered when her apparently kind and loving husband along with his siblings torment the new bride. When all hopes of help are lost, the bride becomes the punisher and commits the “Jaghanya”.”.

Release Date

Thankfully you don’t have to wait for long. Fans will be able to watch Dil Ke Armaan this October 12, 2021. 

How to watch online

If you don’t know how to watch online then you have to visit ullu’s official website or download the official app. Then you have to get its subscription then you will be able to watch any web series that you want.

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