Did Squidward have a Wife? TikTok Viral Video Explained

Recently, TikTok and the internet is buzzing from the question of “is Squidward have a wife in the favourite childhood cartoon SpongBob SquarePaints”.

Did Squidward have a wife

Its all began with a TikTok video posted by user9199525984501 that claimed to give the details of the Squidward’s wife. The video got over nearly 2 million views on the short video platform social media TikTok.

Who is the wife of Squidward?

Squilvia is the love interest of Squidward. Unluckily, the character appears only in one episode of SpongBob SquarePaints. It is likewise essential to take note of that SpongeBob SquarePants is a children’s cartoon, and the show didn’t want to harp on sentimental relationships.

SpongBob SquarePaints is a popular and classic cartoon show and of the favorites of every childhood’s memory. The angry neighbour Squidward is one of the favourite characters of the show. And somehow his rude and angry nature is loved by the viewers.

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Squadward is rude to everyone, But still friendly neighborhood SpongBob treat him as a friend and he talked to him in a gently way.

TikTok Viral Video Explained

According to the video that goes viral has claimed that he was a dull and dark background. Moreover, the Squidward only talks with spongbob and only spongbob knew that what he had been going through.

@user9199525984501I will make a part 2 . #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #foryoupage #fyppp #makemefamous #clout #blm #spongebob #likee♬ It will rain – Slowed – Monaloha

As the video continues, the user called that, Squidward’s wish to have his wife back in his life.

To make this claim more trustworthy, the user asserts that Squidward’s past was “too dim” to be in any way remembered for the show.

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who is squadward wife

Shockingly, there is no truth to this video. It’s a fake claim that TikTok “user9199525984501” have made. However, the user said, “I will make a Part 2”.

Squardward’s Wife Video Reactions

Some of the users believed in this video and support the user, while for others it is hard to digest to believe that squardward has a wife.

Meanwhile, others banged the video. “Did the creator of SpongeBob tell you this?”

Some folks questioned, “Y’all did the same thing with Phineas and Ferb. It’s a children’s TV show. There is no deeper meaning. They literally have a bench underwater.”

“Poor Squidward,” one wrote as another added, “wait, Squidward had a wife?”

Therefore, the video got mixed reactions and currently, this video holds 2 million views on TikTok. Due to its conspiracy theory, peoples get involved quickly in these types of rumours or claims.

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