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A piece of sad news has come that the murder of 57-year-old Denise Hallowell Florida has been found and sent to jail. According to the investigation it is found that her older adopted son Carlos Hallowell is the one who killed her back in the summer of 2019. According to the sources, Carlos was sentenced to life in prison for the first-degree murder charge, but however, he will be eligible for a sentence review after serving 25 years.  

Denise Hallowell Death Reason

According to the investigation, her older adopted son has claimed that her mother was verbally abusive to him so many times and she also argued with him over his past grades and his friend group. Authorities also revealed that Carlos Hallowell use to chop woods with an ax to reveal his anger. On July 13, 2019 arguments on the same topics led him to grab the ax and kill his mother.  

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Denise Hallowell Wiki

Denise Hallowell was a 57-year-old single woman who adopted 2 kids. The past before her murder by his older son she was accused by his younger son who was 12 years old at that time. Her younger son claimed that she physically abused him and locked him in a room as well as prevented him from eating. Later she was clear because of his older son Carlos Hallowell who defended her.

Denise adopted Carlos from Guatemala at the age of four. Both of them were living in her lakefront property at the time of her murder. 

On July 13, 2019, Carlos himself called 911 and claimed that someone forcefully entered his home and murdered his mother while he was taking a 2-hour nap. But in reality, he prepared himself for the crime. he spent half an hour sharpening the ax and killing his mother.

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Net Worth

Currently, there are no details found about her net worth. According to the sources she had a stable income to take care of the two adopted kids and herself. Other details are not known at the moment.  

Family, Husband

For now, no details have been available about her past and why she was living the single life. We don’t know whether she was married to someone in past or not. Other details will be updated soon.

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