Death in Paradise Marlon Pryce Wikipedia, Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Actor, & Latest News

Tahj Miles played the character of Marlon Pryce in the famous reality show Death in Paradise. Recently, he speaks out the on ‘clashing’ with Danny John-Rules. Moreover, Marlon expressed that it is a challenge to film the Christmas special.

It is the main reason that gives Marlon popularity. but somehow some death news of him also came on the internet. In this post, know everything about the Marlon Pryce character played by the actor Tahj Miles and gather information such as Wikipedia, age, cause of death, biography, death in Paradise show, girlfriend, family, net worth, and more.

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Marlon Pryce Death Cause

Marlon is the new character of Death in Paradise season 10. As the celebration of Christmas and the new year, the show introduces many new characters.

Lead star Ralf Little praised Miles and Pryce also talked about the challenges he was facing while shooting. By the show’s popularity, he gains much favor and everyone is searching for the star more details.

Moreover, Marlon Pryce Death is the top search, and people are concerned for the star. but he is alive and good. The searches are related to his show not to his death.

However, as the show direction, currently, there is no information available for his death.

He appeared in episode 2 in season 10. Marlon Pryce will also appear in many more episodes as the shows go on.

Marlon Pryce Wiki

Marlon Pryce is the character portrayed by the youthful actor Tahj Miles who first appeared in episode 2 in season 10. Marlon Pryce is the character in Death in Paradise show. He is an officer trainee. He was born in 2003 and Trainee Officer Marlon Pryce is one of the newest members of the Honore Police Station.

Furthermore, Marlon is first introduced to scamming tourists, where he’s caught and detained by Sergeant JP Hooper. He becomes a Trainee Officer in hopes of clearing his record and getting a steady job.

In the show, he has an unnamed sister who raised him and he is very close to her. He is afraid of being a burden and afraid of going to prison. It is worth watching where the story and life of the character will go.


There are no details available for his relationships life. Might be, further it will know that who is the love interest of her.

Net Worth

There are no details available for the net worth of Marlon Pryce. He is a trainee officer who gets this job to clear his criminal background.

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