Dave Portnoy Leaked Tape Video, Reaction, Impact On Penn National Gaming Shares

a leaked tape of internet celebrity Dave Portnoy went viral on April 6, 2021. The video was heavily shared and discussed by Twitter users. Dave Portnoy video not only impacted his image but also the shares of Penn National Gaming. Many people are serving for the viral video but now is not available on Twitter as it was removed by the social media company.  

Now here we will discuss what the video included and how Dave reacted to that. Read the post further to know more.

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Not only this time there were videos of Dave having sex in the past was also shared. There was a time back in 2019 that Dave was number one in pornhub’s trending section. 

Dave Portnoy Leaked Tape Video
Dave Portnoy on trending searches in pornhub back in 2019

Dave Portnoy Leaked Video

The origin of the video is not known but is shared by many people on different social media platforms. According to the people who already vied the video said that Dave Portnoy was seen having sex in the video.

One user said “There’s a video of Dave Portnoy *ucking a chick from behind while choking her with a chain. This is why if I ever have a daughter I’m immediately putting her up for adoption.” 


Another user said “I didn’t need to see a leaked video of Dave Portnoy having sex on my timeline y’all are gross


Many people made their own option and shared the video. Others said that it’s his private life why everyone is sharing it. Later Dave himself posted a video and gave a statement on the situation.

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The tweet included text “Wait $penn is dropping cause I have a sex tape? Are you kidding me. Ps – It’s a federal crime to watch or post it. Double Ps – I fuck. Who cares

He also said the dip of Penn National Gaming shares can the perfect opportunity to buy stocks.

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