The Death Video of Courtney Huard- Know More About Her

The shooting death of Courtney Huard on Friday shook the community and Rhode Island. Her husband, Eric Huard, shot his wife to death inside their Cumberland home. Advocates for victims of domestic violence released a statement on Friday, urging everyone to show support for the victim and learn how to intervene safely. Eric Huard was a former college student who had worked as a photojournalist for the Pawtucket Times. Courtney Huard death video is also gaining lots of attention of people. find who was Courtney Huard and how did she die?

Courtney Huard

Who was Courtney Huard?

Since 2005, Courtney Huard has been licensed as a dietician in Rhode Island and has her practice, True Self Nutrition Counseling. A true crime fan, she was fascinated by the stories behind the murders of many famous people and was determined to make them known. She was also a professional photographer who has been a part of the Pawtucket community for many years. Courtney Huard’s wiki and bio is not given yet, but we have gained lots of info related to Courtney Huard’s obituary for this post.

Courtney Huard Personal Life

The Cumberland Police Department has released a statement on the death of Courtney Huard. The mother of three and wife of longtime resident Eric Huard was pronounced dead at the scene. Courtney leaves behind three children, two of whom are still living. Her memory has established a fund. Their three children were not injured. Authorities are working to identify the suspect. They are awaiting a DNA test to determine whether or not the killer acted alone.

Courtney Huard Early Life

Huard was a 1998 graduate of Cumberland High School. She attended URI and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Huard later took his own life after shooting her wife. Originally, the incident appeared to be a random violent act, but later investigators determined that the death was a murder-suicide. Police stated the two had been involved in a domestic dispute, culminating in Courtney Huard’s death.

The family’s first reaction was shocking, as they could not comprehend what had happened to their beloved mother. Courtney was a mother of three and the wife of Eric Huard. The couple was pronounced dead at the scene. Courtney’s children, Grant, Blake, and Sydney, were not harmed by the incident. The funeral was scheduled for July 1, and the family is mourning her loss.

Watch Death Video Her Husband Eric Huard Shot Her

After her husband, Eric Huard, fatally shot Courtney in their Rhode Island home, the victims’ children were not harmed. Eric Huard was a loving father who enjoyed baking with his daughter Sydney. Eric loved spending time with his children, and he was always there to support them. The Huards’ three children were in the house when the tragic incident occurred. Police found all three unharmed.


Police say that the shooting was a domestic homicide. Eric Huard shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. The Huards’ three children were unharmed. Until now, it is not clear whether Huard’s murder was random. There is a need for a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of what happened. People are searching for Courtney Huard obituary ad mainly her death video on the web.

Their children were also found inside the home

Eric Huard and Courtney Huard were shot to death on Thursday afternoon. The couple was 42 years old and had three children. Their three children were unharmed. The children were found inside the home with their parents. Eric Huard, 51, and Courtney Huard, 42, were married for seven years. Courtney Huard had a Master’s degree in nutrition. As far as we know, Courtney Huard death video is getting viral on the web, there are lots of equations people are asking on the net.

Courtney Huard was a devoted mother. She always cheered on her children. She also enjoyed running, biking, and walking her dogs. Her children were also found inside the home. A fund was set up in her memory to help the couple’s children. Donations will go to “The Heard Children” charity. The children of the couple are now in protective custody. It’s unclear what the killer did to them.

Courtney Huard Murder-suicide

The deaths of a Cumberland, Rhode Island, husband, and wife have ruled a murder-suicide Thursday after police concluded that the couple had been killed in a fatal shooting. Police say that Eric Huard fatally shot his wife, Courtney, before turning the gun on himself. Both Courtney and Eric Huard were found in their home with gunshot wounds. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Huards were both married and had three children. Eric Huard had studied commercial photography in college and worked as a photojournalist for the Pawket Times in the 1990s. After reading this post, you must have come to know Courtney Huard’s obituary, wiki and more. For more updates keep reading such posts on the site.

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