Copec Aclara Viral Video Caught him Red handed WATCH Online

These days a video is getting viral on the web, and there are tons of searches on the web, that is what the video is. Netizens are searching the keyword copec aclara video viral, so that they can find the video and watch it. As far as we know the video is circulating on the web and it is being shared by lots of people. Let’s find out what the video is all about.

Copec Aclara Viral Video

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Copec Aclara Viral Video

In the video, we can clearly see the Copec branch buying gasoline in a drum. As far as we know the user accused the company of stealing by just putting that drum on a weight.  after breaking the rules of chemistry and physics, he has made a statement that. The amount of gasoline he bought in liters was not enough in Kilos.  As per his statement, he said 1 kg is equal to 1 liter, however, it is not like that.


It is something that is applied in the case of water but not in the case of benzine. The video has gone viral and people are bent on searching copec aclara video viral on the web. Now many people are discussing chemistry and physical rules, that water and gasoline do not have the same density. As per the report, water and gasoline can have the same value but not the same mass.

Viral On Twitter

After that copec aclara video viral came out on twitter and Copec also explained it through his Twitter account. The video was also shared on the web, there are so many reactions to the video. People are sharing their options over copec aclara video viral. On Twitter “Gasoline have an average density of 0.737 kg/l, that is, 1 liter of gasoline weighs 0.737 kg. If your load was 4,617 liters it should weigh 3,400 kg plus the weight of the drum. At Copec, the amount you pay corresponds to the number of liters delivered (…)”, the company wrote on the social network. For more viral news keep visiting this site we will be right back with more updates on the same page.

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