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Here’s shocking news becoming viral on the internet a Chinese actor named ‘Gao Liu‘ shared her nose surgery picture on the internet. In that picture, she warned her fans about the danger of cosmetic surgery. Her nightmare botched nose operation gives her face a different looks which you might not love in her nose photo, you can easily notice the blacktip portion. Follow Biographydata.org for more updates.

On her social media, she wrote, “I had thought that these four hours (of surgery) would make me more beautiful, but I didn’t realize that they would be the beginning of a nightmare.

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Gao Liu is a Chinese actor who has a huge fan following on her social media platforms. she has 5 million followers on her twitter-like platform Weibo. her cute face can easily attract anyone towards her. She is one of the popular personalities in China which has really hard-core fan followings. she has hobbies of make-up and hangup with their friends. She is famous for her cute and charming face and their incredible acting skills.

Lesser Known Facts About Her

Now let’s talk about some lesser-known facts about her which make you surprise. 

  • Gao Liu has more than 5 million followers on her social account. 
  • she is a hardcore fan of beautiful cosmetics items that make people attractive. 
  • She used to do try new cosmetics on her face to looks beautiful. 
  • Recently she did plastic surgery on her nose to make it slightly trim but unfortunately, it goes wrong.  

Gao Liu Viral Images

Gao Liu nose images

Gao Liu

What’s wrong happen with Singer Gao Liu

Gao Liu recently did plastic surgery on her nose to make it slightly trim. but later she found that the plastic surgery hospital was not qualified to do any nose surgery. and unfortunately, her surgery did not go as it was planned, which result in a ‘black tip of the nose’. Later she also warns their fans loved once about the danger of plastic cosmetic surgery. 

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Her black nose images were going viral on the internet especially on Chinese social media. people start showing sympathy to her post where she wrote, “the four hours of surgery became the nightmare for her life”.

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