Charamsukh Yeh kaisa Rista Ullu Original Web Series, Full Episodes Watch Online HD

The great ULLU media entertainment announced the new family drama web series Charamsukh Yeh kaisa Rista. Charamsukh is the popular category of the Ullu that presents the unique topical home stories of lust and erotic. Recently, the official channel of the ullu launched the trailer, and it’s already been loved by the audiences.

However, many want to know when the series will come and how it is different from others, and what’s new in the series. In this post, know everything about Charamsukh Yeh Kaisa Rishta Ullu original web series and gather information such as wiki, released date, cast, heroine, how to watch, review, and more.

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Yeh kaisa Rista Ullu original web series

Ullu continually proves themself that no one can match the level of content production. The popular OTT platform gives hits of all-new series that are loved by millions of viewers. To fulfill the new entertainment desires, ullu announced its new series named Yeh kaisa Rista under the Charamsukh franchise.

Yeh Kaisa Rishta Charmsukh Ullu Originals releasing on 24th September 2021 on the official ullu app. You can watch the full series with HD episodes that you can download also.

Let’s come on to the story, the series holds a typical family story that revolves around the three main characters. An overweight uncle, an NRI niece named Rachel, and uncle’s wife. Overall it’s a Mama Bhanji and Bhabhi fun story.

Uncle finds himself closer to his desires as well as beautiful Rachel. And the niece also comes from a foreign country so she has a very open mind and amicable nature. The youthful bhanji also feels closer to her desires and wants to have fun in their extra.

Mamaji desires to have a fun youthful life and Rachel decides to teach workout to her overweight uncle. Gradually, they started to closer to each other and the story takes a twist when her wife leaves the house for a family emergency. Now, two souls are lonely with each other and they both took the inner desires. What happened next and how the wife finds out this, all questions will be answered in the Ullu web series Yeh kaisa Rista.


There are no details available for the cast, heroine, and actor’s name. But it will be updated soon.


Ullu said in the Charamsukh Yeh kaisa Rista description: “Rachel decides to teach workout to her overweight uncle. As her uncle finds himself coming closer to his desires, his fire diminishes for the aunt. What will happen when the aunt has to leave for a family emergency leaving the two desperate souls alone in the house?”


Name: Yeh kaisa Rista
Platform: Ullu
Cast: NA
Director: Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd
Producers: NA
Censor Rating: A
18+, Erotic, Drama, Thrill
Release Date: 24 September 2021
Show Timing: Anytime

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