Watch – Nate Diaz Terrify Carrese Archer with Fake Punch at Jake Paul Fight

Nate Diaz has gone viral these days you might know him he is a professional fighter who is the talk of the town. Because during the fight between Nate Diaz and Tyron Woodley. He has carried fake punches on MMA fighter Carrese Archer, the video of the hitting fake punches in a match has gone war and plenty of people are showing interest in the video. They are looking deep in the video so that they can identify really hit fake punches on an MMA fighter.

Nate Diaz Fake Punches MMA Fighter

Here we will let you know where you can find the video and what is actually happened during the match between Nate Diaz and Tyron. Both of them are being searched a lot on the internet. After that, it was announced that both of the fighters will fight again because when we got to know there were fake punches in the match people were shocked because it can put down the image of MMA fighting. You can watch the video on the Internet which is getting viral day by day and thousands of people have watched the video already they are sharing it on social media sites on the social media handles.

It was a fight between Nate and Tyron and in this match, many celebrities were invited out of two appointments Nate was one of them. Everyone was enjoying the event all of a sudden the video came out on the Internet where Nat goes away from the ring and tries to throw a fake punch at an individual who was standing there the person who received fake punches, whose name was Carrese Archer. Do you know who is Carrese Archer?

Who Is Carrese Archer?

Carrese Archer is also professionally an MMA fighter who is active on Instagram account under the username 1punchkillarese.  As of now, he is holding more than 2000 followers on his Instagram account most of the time he posts his training sessions pictures and some glimpse of his personal life. He also has his own YouTube page, where he posts his fight videos. You can also watch them now the audience is excited to see what will happen between both of them will they face each other.

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