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A piece of intrusting crime news came out from Bihar when a young individual fraud of Rs 94-lakh fraud with the help of his hacking skills. The officials said that he somehow hacked one of the official emails of Vodafone Idea to gains unauthorized access to bank accounts. Soon after that Ahmedabad cybercrime branch is taken him from Bihar to Ahmedabad.

The surprising thing was that he was only 21 years old. That is fascinating right? but hacking skills can promote an individual to commit crimes instead of using his skills to do good.

Name: Gulshan Singh
Age: 21 Years Old
Married status: Not Available
Height Weight: Not Available
Instagram: Not Available

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How He hacked Vodafone Idea Email?

The whole hacking process was complicated but below you can see what officials from Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Cell said about the crime.

“We had recently received a complaint from Vodafone Idea that an unknown person had hacked into the official email id of the company and then sent an official mail within the internal server of Vodafone Idea to request for a sim replacement for the registered mobile number for net banking of Vodafone Idea at Nutan Nagarik Sahkari Bank. The accused had then credited Rs 94.57 lakh from various bank accounts of Vodafone Idea,” said an officer of Ahmedabad Cyber Crime Cell.

Bihar Hacker Gulshan News

Furter Police added that he was using the virtual private network (VPN) to hide his IP address and device location while hacking the email.

In the investigation, we analyzed as many as 80 cell phone devices and 70 mobile phone numbers. Out of the analysis, only one phone had the IP address of Gaya in Bihar. Using technical intelligence, we picked up the accused from his residence. He has told us in an investigation that after hacking into the official server id of Vodafone Idea, the accused sent a mail claiming loss of sim card registered for net banking of the telecom giant. The accused received the new sim card, swiped it in his phone, and got hold of net banking password of Vodafone Idea to make withdrawals from bank accounts,” the officer said.

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Not only one there are many different hacking methods or you can say phishing attacks, tricks used by hackers to get unauthorized access to a bank account, email, or device. All of these crimes increased globally during the lockdown. These are the reasons that online services like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Youtube are increasing strictness on their platform to stop the sharing of phishing links.

last year in 2020 it was reported that a 17-year-old hacked the Twitter account of Barak Obama including Amazon.com Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and 130 Twitter accounts.

Not only twitter recently there were many youtube channels that were hacked for cryptocracy scams.

Hacker Gulshan Singh Wiki

There is not much information about him but the officers revealed some unexpected information about the 21-year-old hacker from Gaya in Bihar. He did BSC in chemistry at Magadh University in Bihar. Further, he works with various groups to commit the same type of fraud in which he gets 40 percent of the total amount. All these things reveal that Bihar Hacker Gulshan Singh holds expertise and experience in doing these frauds online.

Bihar Hacker Gulshan Wikipedia

Read below what the officer said exactly about him.

He has also revealed that he has pursued BSc in Chemistry at Magadh University in Bihar and he works with different groups to commit such frauds wherein his share is 40 percent cut. We have also seized nine cell phones, eight sim cards, a handwritten transcript of the fake email sent by the accused, and various records of fraud committed in the past. The accused has been brought to Ahmedabad today after a four-day transit remand was granted by a local court,” the officer added

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