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A horrific murder case has come from Iran where a famous London-based film director has been murdered by his own parents. Babak Khorramdin became the victim of his own father and mother because of honor killing. Big media agencies covered the story and the country are in shock. Read the post further to know more about how everything happened.

Babak khorramdin Death Reason

Acording to the sources, his father confessed that he and his wife both killed Babak Khorramdin because of honor killing row over not getting married. After that, they were arrested in Ekbatan, west Tehran. 

Babak Khorramdin Death, Family, Father, Mother

He said “Because of the disputes we had, I sedated him this morning (Sunday) by giving him anaesthetics, then stabbed him to death. Then I dismembered his body and threw it in the nearest trash can on the street with my wife.”

Babak Khorramdin aged 47 was sedated and cut into different pieces. His body parts were found in bins and a suitcase on Sunday. All this happen after he returned from London. The whole case made everyone shocked that a dispute over not getting married can lead to this event. Read the post further to know more about Babak Khorramdin biography, wiki, age, net worth, films, girlfriend, and other details.

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Babak Khorramdin Wiki

Babak was moved to London when get graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran in 2009. He completed his master’s degree in cinema and wanted to achieve something big in the future which he did.

Iranian Film Director Babak Khorramdin Biography

After getting knowledge and skills he returned to his country Iran to teach his knowledge to his people in Iran. But sadly he got murdered in a horrifying way by his own family which was unexpected. After his death, the news covered by international media as well. His father and mother will be punished for committing this crime.

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Coming to social media then we biographydata.org was unable to find anything. It is possible that he was the person who likes to stay low.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is around $2 million USD. we are unable to find any information about his net worth and this is the estimated one.

Family, Girlfriend

His private life is not known at the time of writing this post we will update this page soon.

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