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Subhakar Khadka an Uber driver in San Francisco was assaulted and coughed-upon by a woman riding with two other women after he refused them service for not wearing masks.

In an intervention, the driver captured on video and sent to a reporter of ABC7 News “Dion Lim” has been shared a video. According to the reporter, his name is Subhakar Khadka and he left the job after being assaulted by these three females.


The video is getting viral on the social media and peoples shows sympathy with uber driver and anger with these ladies. Moreover, in the video, one of the ladies even snatch his phone and abused him.

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Assaulted Uber Driver Viral Video

The driver respectfully demands passengers amenably to the women to wear a face mask else he will cancel the ride and make them out of his car. In the video, we can see women use to hit him likewise and attempts to pull his cough from the driver’s face.

Indeed, even they additionally attempt to grab his phone. After this accident, Shubhakar goes on a couple of days off. The ladies used to abuse him as they insulted him, and genuinely attacks him moreover. Even they also try to pull his mask from the driver Sudhakar’s face and even broke his face mask.

According to Dion, the driver “Subhakar Khadka” picked the ladies from the Bayview area in San Francisco, California, Us. And he is the one who shares the video of the assault.

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Subhakar Khadka Wiki

He is 32-year-old and he is from mountains and landscape Nepal. He doing a driving job in the online taxi service booking giant company Uber and he lives in the US for the last eight years. The victim’s name is Subhakar Khadka whom who abused by these three youthful ladies.

Khadka says he accepts he was pestered and taunted by the uncontrollable travellers since he is a South Asian foreigner.

“I never said anything bad to them, I never cursed, I was not raised that way. I don’t hit people, I am not raised that way, so they were not getting out of my car,” said Khadka.

San Francisco police said the driver was able to regain possession of his phone from the woman and the three women fled after the attack. Anyone with information about the incident was asked to call the SFPD Tip Line at 1-415-575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD.


The driver said Uber gave him $120 dollars in total cleaning funds after multiple requests, which is still not sufficient. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to support Khadka’s pay for the cleansing of his car.

People’s Reaction

The Uber investor Cyaan Banister stated, “if women have a gun she may shot him and couldn’t even feel sorry for it. While. She scares the driver and says that she will take legal actions against Uber.”

Lim also shared the reply she got from the driver on asking him “how did he control himself and keep himself cool?” Subhakar replies that “that’s what our culture is, to respect your customer and women. And that the only thing I could do.

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