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Anthony Loffredo 33-year-old man has made headlines because of his crazy cool body modification. He literally transformed his body into a black alien which looks scary and fascinating at the same time by his followers. Most of the major news websites have already covered this news and here you will read in deal information about Anthony Loffredo who aims to become a true Black alien.

Black Alien Wiki

In the past, Anthony Loffredo has already because famous because of these crazy tattoos and his face surgeries. But it was not enough to get a look of an alien hence he got his 2 fingers chopped by the doctors to make his hand look like a claw.  

According to his Instagram post, he has only achieved only 34 percent of his goal of turning into an alien. He also shared a few images on his Instagram showing his claw.  

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Anthony Loffredo Wiki

Anthony Loffredo Wiki

Born back in 1988 in France Anthony Loffredo is 33 years old and also famously known as Black Alien because of his looks. Anyone can clearly see that he has undergone multiple surgeries such as tattooing black his eyeballs, removing nose as well as upper lips, splitting tongue, body folded with tattoos. and his upper lip cut off.

His Instagram has a massive following of 747k. It is obvious that most people are fans of his looks and wanna see what he does with his body in the future. His looks are scary and cool at the same time but doing this to your own body can create many health complications and you can end up regrating your decision. In addition to that, it requires a lot of money to undergo these types of cosmetic surgeries.

After he got his two fingers chopped many people said that he is going to regret this decision in later life. To the media, he revealed that he was highly intrusted in transforming and mutation of the human body. He started his body transformation when he was just 24 years old.

Net Worth

According to our findings, there is no detail available about his net worth. however few websites on the internet are showing his fake net worth which should not be trusted. Since he has a lot of money to do these surgeries we can estimate his net worth to be around 300K USD. In addition to that, he is getting famous day by day he might get richer and richer soon.

Wife, Kids, Girlfriend

Currently, there is no information about his relationship status. More information will be updated soon.

Anthony Loffredo Black Alien Before After

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