Amanda K. Fletcher Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Zoom Class, Video

Amanda K. Fletcher is trending these days and getting viral among people., as per the info, he has been seen sucking the nipple of an unknown male. While he is gyrating and rocking back and forth, it is reported by the special commissioner of investigation for the city school. Thousands of netizens are seeking Amanda K. Fletcher’s wiki, bio, zoom class, and video.

Amanda K. Fletcher Sucking nipple in Zoom Class

Before this students have also seen him eating spaghetti along with the shirtless man behind her. In the video we can see Fletcher, when she stops sucking the man’s chest she starts teaching her students and discussing worksheet. Every student saw this, it was pretty awkward for all of them and shameful too in front of students.

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We would like to tell you the Amanda K. Fletcher is a DOE teacher since the year 2007, she had also taught at the Morningside Height campus since the month of September 2018. The DOE has fired the teacher after getting the report of SCI, and DOE will take disciplinary actions against her for her doings in the Zoon class. She is 37 years old, after the incident, SCI told DOE to train all the teachers about the appropriate behavior in the class.

Personal Details

As per the SCI report, the inappropriate behaviors of the Spanish teacher started before the 12 minutes of the class ended. Even all the students were still presented in the class through call, Fletcher has not given any explanation for her acts, Many people say it is wrong and criticize the teacher, as we can see on social media sites. The teacher should maintain their decora, and behave well in the class with students.

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