WATCH: Nik Adam Mika Disturbing Went Viral Video Shared On Twitter

You might be in the swim that who is Nik Adam Mika, we want to tell you that he is a Malaysian actor, who is pretty popular among people. He has earned a huge name and fame in his life, and now Adam Mika is 20 years old. At the time of writing this post, Nik Adam Mika’s disturbing video is getting viral on the web. Let’s watch the viral video of Nik Adam Mika and gather more details.

Adam Mika

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Adam Mika Viral Video

The viral video is also making the rounds on TikTok, an app for short videos. Users can search for Nik Adam Mika and other popular TikTok users by using hashtags like ‘nikadammikaa01’ or ‘adammikail‘ and’mika_adammika10‘.

Adam Mika’s video is getting viral on the web. As tons of users search for the video, they want to get more details related to it. That is what that video is all about and what happened to him. As far as we came to know, on Twitter a video was shared by him, which went viral on the web.


Nik Adam Mika Age

So far there is not much info about him, that is what happened to the Malaysian actor Adam Mika. He was born in Malaysia on the 12th of May in the year 2000, as of now, he is 12 years old a young talent, who seems to be in trouble. Find more data about his viral video on the web, there is less info as of now. Nik Adam Mika video is making rounds on the web and thoudsands of poeple are showing interest to watch that. Nik Adam Mika is 12 years old a young actor from Malaysia.

There are lots of questions, netizens are searching for such as what is Adam Mika’s age and Adam Mika’s bio. Unfortunately, his personal life is not explored on the web. But very soon we will be right back with the latest update related to the Adam Mika video.

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