16 Missed Callls Tiktok Trend, Viral On Social Media Know Singer!

This time we are going to talk about one of the new trends on social media sites which is getting viral day by day. You might have heard the lyrics of the song 16 missed calls, it is getting viral on social media sites mainly on Tik Tok. Many of the users are making Tiktok videos on the song and their searching about the lyrics of the song. It is getting lots of popularity in the course of time as we know Tiktok is known for its new Trends.

16 Missed Callls Tiktok Trend

Day by day we see lots of tending videos and topics on social media platforms and TIktok is known for its music videos. Through this people show their talent and earn name and fame in their career it is one of the new trends before that chocolate barbie was going on and now it is the next one which is in the LimeLight. this track is sung by one of the well-known singers whose name is Brent Faiyaz and this song is being used by lots of Tik Tok users.

If you go on social media sites you will come to know that many people are making their videos and song and their uploading on social media sites. This song is is becoming the headline of the news. It seems people are loving this song and they are showing their love through millions of views and while using the song. They are feeling so happy hence this song is becoming so popular these days which is being searched by lots of people.

The singer Brent who sang the song 16 Missed Calls is an American who is from Colombia. Most of the time he is known for his stage name Brent Faiyaz in his career he has some number of songs. As he started his career in 2014 you can also find his songs on SoundCloud. He is active on his social media account mainly on Instagram where he is holding more than 2.1 million followers with whom he shares his latest updates.

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